Anyone can rent out equipment. What makes the difference are the people, availability and proximity of a branch. Collaborating with a flexible partner familiar with the challenges involved is key to the success of any project.

One-stop-shop for solutions

At Abird we like challenging industrial projects and tailored solutions. Our specialists make every effort to ensure a project can be completed safely, on time and as agreed. This is done using our own materials, tools and equipment appropriate for use in the specific industry, with the possible addition of materials from the Boels portfolio. This could include temporary accommodation, access control and surveillance solutions, as well as lifting and hoisting equipment from specialists Hef & Hijs Nederland.

As a one-stop-shop partner, we guarantee that every project is supplied with appropriate, certified tools and equipment. We can also assist you with the installation and maintenance prior to and during your project. Assuring you that the equipment is installed correctly and that you can complete the project on schedule.

Veiligheid en continuïteit

As industrial specialists we obviously meet all safety regulations and requirements. We are ISO9001 en VCA** certified. That goes without saying. As such, we not only guarantee the quality and safety of our products and service but also of the people using them.

Every product is inspected, tested and approved upon return. We do that to make absolutely sure that the equipment you work with is safe. Our certification system ensures we know exactly what needs to be tested when and where, and this is information is also available to you via our online customer portal. You can never be too safe, after all.