On-Site Rental Store:

The solution for on-site materials management.

Good materials management during large projects is a huge task in itself. Materials get lost or damaged. Materials may sometimes not be available on time, have been ordered twice or used up. The Abird On-Site Rental store offers an effective solution. A special concept enabling you to reduce costs while improving efficiency. Optimum availability and manageable costs. The Abird On-Site Rental Store is a temporary on-site warehouse.

It can be used to store the materials and equipment hired from Abird as well as your own and/or third-party materials and equipment. This could include such things as industrial tools, welding and cutting machines, personal protective equipment and consumables such as welding wire and grinding discs. Every member of staff has a unique barcode thus showing you exactly what is in use and by whom. Advantage to you: considerably less damaged and/or lost equipment and fewer tools left lying around. The customised reporting system provides continuous insight into your actual costs.

On-site materials management:

  • Ideal for industrial projects
  • Ideal for industrial projects
  • Issue, management and maintenance of all materials, tools and equipment
  • Barcode scanning and registered issue
  • Online project portal for optimum insight and control
  • Own materials can also be included in the system


  • Fewer damages
  • Fewer damages
  • Fewer items lost
  • Lower consumption
  • Higher availability
  • Improved control and insight

Please call your nearest branch for further information and advice.