Inspection and certification

On return, every piece of hired lifting or hoisting equipment is cleaned, inspected and tested according to set procedures before it is released for the next hire order. For this we have our own certified TCVT* inspectors. The products offered by Boels Industrial Hoisting & Lifting are inspected on average ten times more often per year than is legally required. This way we ensure that you can always work safely.

* TCVT is the agency in the Netherlands responsible for certification in the area of vertical transportation


Mobile service
If you prefer to own the material yourself, we can manage, maintain and certify this for you through our testing & maintenance facilities. We also offer these facilities through our mobile service for inspection and testing (up to 12 tonnes) at your location.

Maintenance of lifting and hoisting equipment requires specialist knowledge, material and testing equipment. Safety is not a matter up for discussion: it’s a given. It’s with this in mind that we continuously invest in our employees, in training, in embedding procedures, and in tools.


Certification system
Thanks to our automated certification system, we know exactly what, where and when to inspect. We monitor the inspections to be carried out and come into action immediately when a product needs to be inspected. We manage our and – at your request – your equipment. You can view the certificates and the inspection status online whenever you like on our customer portal.

With the help of this system we can take over the management and inspection and you can get on with your work. Our management includes: 

• Inspection: everything inspected and certified, at all times

• Embedded maintenance and certification system

• In compliance with the strictest regulations and safety requirements

• Barcode system provides easy material tracking

• Standard delivery with safety clips, certificates and safety instructions

• User instructions or manual can be requested and downloaded.

Call your nearest branch for advice and options.