Boels Industrial | Hoisting & Lifting

Under the name Boels Industrial Hoisting & Lifting, we focus exclusively on the product specialism lifting and hoisting equipment and accessories for the manufacturing, petrochemical, metalworking, shipping, offshore and heavy construction sectors. These industries all have one thing in common: they all set very high standards – for safety, continuity, service, and more.

And this means they prefer to work with a reliable partner who understands the business, offers high availability of certified and inspected equipment and has good accessibility.

We are that partner.

Of this we are convinced: our experience, speed of action and flexible attitude ensure that we can provide you with the service you need – service that is customer oriented and provided with all safety requirements in mind.

What’s more, with one phone call you have access to all services provided by Boels Industrial and Boels Rental, and by our partners, offering you a total solution for every industrial project.

Boels Industrial Hoisting & Lifting hires a wide range of lifting and hoisting material and equipment, as well as providing advice, training courses and items for purchase in this specific segment.


Complex? That’s what we like!

Our people are well-trained and experienced and have a passion for their profession. Our range includes high quality brands that offer more than the standard features and are often inspected beyond what the law requires. So, you can be sure we have the right solution for every lifting or hoisting project, both in terms of technical needs and price bracket. And if we don’t have it in house, we will have it made – of course always in accordance with all legal, regulatory, CE marking and other strict requirements that apply. Your safety always comes first.